Adress of your compamy

According to the low of Czech Republic must have a commercial company in the Czech Republic registered address (office). Our company provides a needed service for keeping the seat in the background of their own buildings. In the case of client needs, we are able to provide individual requirements such as the allocation of telephone lines with the re-routing, forwarding mail to the address abroad or economic advice.

Service includes: preparing documents for registration in the commercial register, notarized consent from the Annex statement of land.
Price: 1.000,- CZK (excluding VAT 21%)

Express adress service includes legal obligations


  1. 1.Indication of your seat (name + IR) or VAt number to the entry into the building.
  2. Income-mails sent to the address of the company

Monthly management Seat

Lease, mail forwarding to email, marking the company at the entrance to the building.

Service includes: Keeping your seat, accepting mail, instant forwarding incoming mail to your specified email mounthly original incoming mail to your specified postal address.
Price: 7000 CZK (excluding VAT 21%) per annum or
13000,- CZK (excluding VAT 21%)/ if payed 2 years.