Dear visitors,

looking for a location for your business-legal person? Then you are in the right place. Cooperation with us may be beneficial in the event that your company wants to relocate for any reason to Prague, without the need for expensive arranging their own offices.
In our building will provide the address for your registration headquarters.


  1. We give the address of Prague!
  2. Saving the cost of running their own offices!
  3. Saving your problems with the tax authorities small-town!

Under the laws of the Czech Republic should have any company - a legal entity registered in the registration headquarters in the commercial register. We will provide the address in the street Náchodská 444/145, Prague 9 - Horní Počernice.

The company registration, you will receive from us all the necessary documents, such as the consent of the owner of the house, an extract from the land and lease.

On our reliability and discretion in the provision of services, you can rely absolutely.

Thank you for your attention. Inika, Ltd.